The "Keke challenge" AKA the "In My Feelings Challenge" AKA "Do The Shiggy" is arguably the most viral dance craze of the year so far. Some say the viral sensation is what helped push Drake's song to the top of the charts. Shiggy might have started the viral trend but he isn't down for what it has become. The extra theatrics some participants have added to the original take made the "challenge" interesting at first. Then, things got out of hand when people started getting injured in the process.

Shiggy's concern grew when he realized that some young kids were participating in the dangerous version of the trend. He told TMZ how this made him feel while pointing out the fact that he had never intended for moving cars to be part of the entertainment.

"I just want it to be just a dance...It elevated from getting out the car to, now, it's with the moving car. And it's something dangerous I'd rather people stop doing it and just have fun, and do the dance regularly, you know?"

Some injuries that were caught on camera were shared on social media. One guy legit got run over by a car after slipping on the pavement. For anyone who is still trying to get shiggy with it, please be careful out there.