One of Drake's most popular Scorpion songs "In my Feelings" became famously more popular than anyone could have expected thanks to the man, Shiggy. The comedian shared a little dance to the beat and just like that it was turned into a dance challenge. Unfortunately, being as Shiggy did his two-step outside of his car, some fans thought they had to up the ante and do it out of a moving car, but Shiggy's not here to support that. 

Now that the album and song have made its rounds for a few weeks, it means it's time for a music video and we can only expect that it will be for the same track. Considering how much Shiggy's name is unofficially attached the single, you can only assume he would be incorporated but according to him, he's not. 

The homie hit up Instagram and did the whole 'ask a question' thing that promoted a follower to ask him plain and simple: "You in the music video for drake."

"NAHH SMH,” he replied looking sad - peep the photo below.

In other Shiggy news, he entered a dance battle with The Backpack Kid at the ESPY's check out both of their moves here