An unfortunate scenario took place outside of the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta this weekend. According to Fox 5 News, four people were injured in a shooting outside of the museum on Travis Street. Police said they responded to the shooting around 3:40 a.m. where they found three men who suffered gunshot wounds. The three victims were taken to a nearby hospital while a fourth victim, a woman, was reportedly shot and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Clint Rauscher, a Uber driver who was picking someone up nearby, caught the shooting on his dashcam. "I heard some pops in the distance in the front and then I see everyone is running towards me. A couple of young girls dove behind a car and beside a car," Clint Rauscher said. "I wasn’t concerned too much getting shot I was more concerned about the people in front of me that were running away from it that they might get shot."

Police said that the four victims were heading to their vehicles when the perpetrators driving in a Dodge Charger began shooting. Police are investigating for a motive behind the shooting.

The Trap Music Museum in Atlanta is a hub that pays tribute to the deep history of the South's contributions to hip-hop culture. Founded by T.I., it includes interactive exhibits as well as an escape room.