Shoreline Mafia Shout Out 50 Cent, G-Unit & Three 6 Mafia On "Crew Love"

Mitch Findlay
September 05, 2018 12:38

Shoreline Mafia, minus Rob Vicious, sit down for an extensive installment of "Crew Love."

Today, we're pleased to bring ya'll a new installment of "Crew Love," featuring Shoreline Mafia at the center. While Rob Vicious is missing in action, Fenix, Ohgeesy, and Master Kato hold it down in his absence, opening up about a variety of topics for your pleasure. An interesting moment arises when the group is asked about their influences, whereupon they look back to some of hip-hop's notable crews. "50, G-Unit," says Ohgeesy, while Fenix throws Three 6 Mafia into the mix. "The first rap I ever heard was a Snoop Dogg tape," he reflects. "The Doggystyle one. I thought the cover looked hard when I was a kid."

When asked whether studio sessions can get competitive, Fenix brushes it off, claiming they tend to do whatever the vibe allows. "Whoever wants to go in can go in," he says. "I don't rap everytime I go to the studio." Ohgeesy elaborates, stating that if one of them lays down a verse, the next up will want to go "as hard or harder." Eventually, they conclude that a little bit of friendly competition can sometimes arise. 

Peep the full interview now, to find out whether or not they've received any notable co-signs, the pros and cons of touring, and much more. 

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HNHH TV Shoreline Mafia Shout Out 50 Cent, G-Unit & Three 6 Mafia On "Crew Love"