Apple's main selling point, the one facet that iPhone users like to hold over Android users, is the camera quality. Although there are several Droids with an amazing camera (such as the LG G7), iPhones have always boasted some of the best camera specs for modern day smartphones. Apple has an entire campaign dedicated to their iPhone's camera called "Shot on iPhone." You have undoubtedly seen billboards or commercials that use that three word slogan as the main pitch. Now that the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has progressed past the group stage, and instant eliminations have begun, Apple has rolled out a new "Shot on iPhone" campaign centered around the world's favorite sport.

The three promotional videos were shot on the iPhone X, and follows soccer fans as they hit the pitch for some competitive play. The first video is entitled “Heart of Australia," and it focuses on Aborigine girls in Australia. The second video, "The 'Wa' of Soccer," is based in Japan, while the last promo video, "Berlengas Island," takes place on a small islet off the coast of Portugal. Each clip highlights the differences, and similarities, between cultures when it comes to soccer. Check them out below.