A candlelight vigil for rapper, Lil Lonnie, was brought to an early close by an unknown individual who fired shots at the memorial on Friday.

It was reported that Lil Lonnie, an up-and-coming rapper from Jackson, Mississippi, had been shot and killed on Monday, April 30, while driving in his car, crashing into the front of a house. Police still have not identified the culprit responsible for his murder. 

Over 1000 people gathered outside of a church in Jackson for what was the second of two candle light vigils for Lonnie. One participant was streaming on Facebook Live and captured the whole incident. A man is seen giving a speech about gun violence when the sounds of gunshots and people screaming is heard. People are then seen running for cover, and voices in the video claim that the shooting was firing from inside a car. 

According to WAPT news in Jackson, none of the attendees of the vigil were hurt by the gunfire. 

Jackson mayor, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, went on WAPT to ensure Jackson citizens that the city will remain a safe place to live, and that the police are heavily investigating this incident, as well as the murder of Lil Lonnie. 

"I want to be clear, that those individuals who are intent on negative behavior, that it won't be tolerated," said Mayor Lumumba. "We won't have any type of harassment in our community, we will not be terrorized."

Follow the link above to see the footage of the memorial service. Rest in peace, Lil Lonnie.