Usually, when fans trash talk athletes, they just get ignored or get the smoke thrown right back into their face. Although on Wednesday night when the Pittsburgh Penguins took on the New York Rangers, Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby took a much different approach. After the game, the three-time Stanley Cup champion gave the fan who was chirping him a signed stick.

The Rangers fan named Nick Lepeika, was interviewed by ESPN after the fact and said: "Not a lot of cool things happen to me, but this is up there, for sure." Lepeika was sitting next to the penalty box thanks to his friend's season tickets. He continued on about his trash talking skills saying "I don't have anything written down, but I have points I want to hit, for sure."

As seen in the picture, the autograph read "Good chirps. Take it easy on me next time!" It's obvious that Crosby took it all in stride and had a good laugh about it. Why wouldn't he? The Penguins ended up winning the game 7-2 and made quick work of the Rangers who sit nine points behind the Penguins in the standings.