For a brief moment on Saturday, Simone Biles was tied for most gold medals in the gymnastics world championships. She won her 23rd gold medal for the vault, matching the record of Belarusian gymnast, Vitaly Scherbo, who competed in the 90's. However, Scherbo had competed in two more events than Biles. Biles won the vault by more than half a point, averaging 15.399 for her two attempts.

Biles did not remain Scherbo's equal for long, as she won gold on balance beam later in the day, bringing her to 24 and making her the most-decorated gymnast, male or female. Biles' 15.066 made her jump out of her seat and celebrate by throwing air punches.

Despite this reaction, Biles often embraces her greatness with composure and humility. When asked how it felt to tie the world record, she responded, "I don't know. What is it supposed to feel like? I don't know, I don't get time to think about these things. I think of my performances and then... Dinner." 

More medals are potentially (and likely) on the way for Biles, as she will also compete in the final for floor exercise today, where she is the reigning world and Olympic champion.
Biles has announced that she plans to bow out after Tokyo 2020, but her achievements have already solidified her legacy as the greatest gymnast ever.