Soul singer Syleena Johnson is switching things up at 41-years-old. Her decades-long career has earned her a number of accolades as she's collaborated with the likes of R. Kelly, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Common, Cam'ron, DMX, and of course, her hit collaboration with Kanye West as she belted out the hook of "All Falls Down."

The R&B singer released a string of albums and would later star on the reality show R&B Divas, but in recent years her career has been focused on making music while balancing being a radio and television host. Another endeavor that Syleena frequently shares with fans is her fitness journey, including her participation in competitions.

Syleena uploaded photos of her new physique on Instagram as she posed as a contestant. In a lengthy caption, the singer sang the praises of her two trainers who got her in shape. She mentioned that in eight months she dropped massive weight while enduring some physical challenges along the way.

"He took me from 236 pounds to 179 pounds in 8 months with diet and exercise through my bulging disc, strained hamstring and calf muscle, and losing the entire feeling in my left leg," she wrote about one of her trainers. "He gave me the proper meal plan each week, came on tour with me, pushed me in my weak moments and got me to that stage injury free." Check out a few photos of the fitness buff below.