Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott admits that he should have walked away from a fight with Eagles fans outside of Lincoln Financial Field earlier this month, but he's not sorry for beating on the unruly hecklers. Says Scott, "as far as sympathy for them, I don't feel any for the individuals."

He spoke candidly about the incident during the Sixers' Media Day on Monday, describing how at least one of the fans was hurling slurs at him moments before the brawl broke out.

"Looking back on it, I always play devil's advocate with myself. I definitely should have walked away before it got to that point. I'm the professional, got to be the bigger person, walk away. Once you keep going ... he was popping hella shit. He was going off. I don't know, maybe it was the microphone ... once you take it to the next level and you're throwing other slurs in there, now I got to see if you match that energy. That's what happened," he said (H/T ESPN).

He added, "Those guys don't represent everyone. I'm not stupid, that doesn't represent everyone. I still had a ball. Still had fun. Still took pictures with fans, throwing balls in the parking lot and enjoyed the game."

Scott's Redskins are still searching for their first win of the season, while the Eagles are 2-2.