If you missed it, Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, decided to go at Disney star Skai Jackson earlier this week over her “sneaky” ways online, accusing her of getting intimate with Youngboy Never Broke Again, Lil Gotit, and a few other rappers that she considers friends. While Jackson refuses to comment on the negativity, she’s definitely taking Danielle’s threats at her seriously as she’s reportedly filed a restraining order against the female rapper on Thursday.

TMZ reports that Skai filed the restraining order in Los Angeles Thursday morning, but its clear if the judge has granted it yet.

This report comes just a couple days after the girls’ mothers decided to get into it as well. Skai’s mother responded to Danielle’s comment on Instagram, saying “take this shit somewhere else and leave my damn daughter alone.” Bhad Bhabie's mother Barbara then decided to come through with her own trash talk, responding, "Oh listen to you preach tell your daughter to stop speaking on mine and you think you are calling my daughter Ratchet. Remember I come from New York too.”

There’s definitely no love lost between the two families, but let’s hope this all blows over with time.