If you're familiar with sneaker brand Adidas, then you know that they are probably best known for their three-stripe branding. Nearly all of their sneakers feature the three stripes somewhere on the shoe, typically on the sides. The brand is pretty protective of its signature look and when Skechers released their Goldie Peaks shoe with four stripes on the side, Adidas took exception and filed a couple of infringement lawsuits against them at the tail end of 2018.

Well now, according to The Fashion Law, Skechers is upset with Adidas for their claims are launching a counter-suit. Skechers is claiming that consumers who see the Goldie Peaks shoe would not confuse them for the Adidas three stripes. They also say the shoes have Skechers branding all throughout which would distinguish them from any Adidas products.

Skechers even went as far as to produce a graphic with other popular shoes with striped branding to show that they aren't the only ones who have a similar design. 

image: Skechers’ complaint

Image via Skechers

According to the document obtained, Skechers wants the court to throw away Adidas' prior infringement claims “to protect its ability to lawfully conduct its business as a leading designer, developer and marketer of lifestyle and athletic footwear, without interference from adidas.”

Stay tuned for any updates on this situation.