Skepta, known in some circles as Big Smoke, continues to put in work. Already one of the UK's dominant voices, the legendary emcee has been enjoying the success of his latest drop "Pure Water." It's unclear whether the banger will signal the release of a greater body of work, though one can choose to see the glass half-full. After all, it would appear that "Pure Water" is getting the video treatment, which is generally reserved for album singles; those praying on a Konnichiwa followup best hold your breath. If you haven't heard Skepta's latest, be sure to catch up on that one before going any further. 

From the look of it, the "Pure Water" shoot is coming along swimmingly. The rapper posted a few updates on his Instagram, including a short behind-the-scenes clip; while brief, it does provide an adequate idea of what me might come to expect. Bathed in a blue-tinted filter, a shirtless Skepta bathes alongside several scantily clad models, no loofah in sight. While we have no word of the release date, Skeppy came through with every rapper's favorite two words - "coming soon."

Hopefully, we can catch this one in the near future, with more to follow. Not to sound greedy, but the idea of a new Skepta album in summer 2018 would certainly round the season out nicely. Stay tuned for more news on that front.