Let me frame this by saying: as a mere civilian I would feel violated if Sketchers tried dragging my name in a viral marketing campaign."Just Blew It" is essentially that: a gross marketing ploy meant to humiliate a big player in the Sneaker industry.


Not only does Sketchers make a mockery of Nike's "Just Do It" catchphrase, but they did it whilst drawing unwanted attention over the much-publicized sneaker accident that occurred during a Duke basketball contest a few weeks ago.

Zion Williamson's sneaker implosion cast him on the sidelines for the foreseeable future, whilst also hindering Nike's success in the stock market, as questions emanated over a potential manufacturing defect over the PG 2 sneaker Zion wore when his knees buckled, and he toppled to the ground.

The initial ad placement for Sketcher's Anti-Nike campaign depicts a defective PG 2 sneaker alongside the slogan "Just Blew It." Ironically, a majority of Sketcher's sneaker releases are based off other company's patents and hard-earned innovation, but that's hardly the point.

To make matters more insulting, Sketcher resorted to taking out a giant-sized ad in today's New York Times, smack in front of the Sports' section. In other news, Duke, without Zion Williamson in the lineup for the 3rd straight contest, returned to the winning column with a convincing 87-57 victory over the Miami Hurricanes. It remains to be seen whether Zion will opt for a shoe other than his preferred PG 2, upon his return to the Duke lineup.