It has been an interesting week for Ski Mask the Slump God. The "Bees Knees" rapper claimed yesterday that he needed a surgery just above his heart after somehow stunting his growth. Ski attributed his current condition to a "fat boy disease" before continually updating his Instagram story to bring his fans up to date. The rapper was admitted to hospital as he showed off his medical bracelet, but it was determined that he would have the surgery on a different day. The extent of Ski's condition is unknown but fans are praying for his wellbeing.

As Beware The Book Of Eli continues to be teased, the Florida rapper may be planning to start his own record label in the near future. In an era where rappers are getting more and more into the business side of the industry, Ski Mask appears to have plans on a Very Rare label, as teased on his Instagram page. With younger rappers recognizing the benefits of creating a successful label, Ski Mask may not be the only artist planning to start up a label and sign upcoming talent this year. 

Ski Mask the Slump God recently shared the tracklist for his upcoming project, informing his supporters that it is finished aside from the featured artists' appearances. Eli is currently expected to drop in early April