Ski Mask The Slump God was always one to laugh in the face of danger, continuously pushing his on-stage dare-devilry to alarming and exhilarating new heights. Yet recently, the Floridian rapper appears to have outdone himself, albeit for a noble cause. On Saturday, Ski was holding it down during the 2019 Blockfest in Tampere, Finland, when he decided to pay homage to his fallen best friend, XXXTentacion. Seeing as XXX was also somewhat of an adventurous spirit, it only made sense for Ski to channel Free Solo's Alex Honnold in his honor. 

Jason Kempin/Getty Images 

Seized by stone-cold bravery or perhaps a more foolhardy variety, Ski decided to climb one of the massive onstage pillars. Forsaking all protective gear, Ski climbed with confidence, while his fans observed with bated breath. Even one of the onstage cameramen can't help but utter an alarmed "chill" as Ski Mask ascends. Though he stops before reaching the peak, Ski Mask makes sure to maximize the opportunity.

As he clings to safety, XXXTentacion's "Jocelyn Flores" begins playing; in truth, it feels as if the audience is too nervous to fully commit. Is it fair to say that Ski Mask put his own life at risk that night? Or was the homage something XXXTentacion would have appreciated, were he still here to see it?