It's only been a little while since Ski Mask The Slump God dropped off his official debut album Stokeley -- but this is the modern music industry, where a year and a half can feel like an eternity without new music. Luckily, Ski Mask has been steadily working on his next project, a fact he recently confirmed during a Twitch stream with his fans. 

Ski Mask The Slump God

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

"I'm working on it right now," he said, after being asked about his next body of work. "Ya'll should expect it for October. That's all I'ma say." He pauses for a moment to concentrate on his gaming session. "I'm dropping before then too. The last part of the [Burn The Hoods] video is the intro to another song. I'm going to drop like two videos before I drop the album. I'm pretty sure another song is going to drop too. I want to tell ya'll a whole bunch of shit, but I can't really say shit."

He also confirms that he's set to be on an upcoming movie soundtrack, though he's otherwise mum's the word on that particular front. Check out the confirmation below (while keeping in mind that the best laid plans can often crumble in the rap game) and be sure to support the Slump God's latest drop right here