It's been a curious time for Ski Mask The Slump God fans, who have been essentially left without a captain since the release of 2018's Stokeley album. And while the project was touted as his best body of work thus far, many have continued to argue that the Slump God has yet to tap into the full extent of his potential. While that's certainly up for debate, it's clear that Ski has been working hard behind the scenes, and from the sound of it his new music might be exactly whats the doctor ordered.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram to highlight an upcoming banger, Ski made it abundantly clear that comeback season is on the way -- though he neglected to specify as to when exactly that might be. The song itself seems to pick up where Stokely left off, with a futuristic-sounding beat fueled by a playful and slightly demonic synth line. The perfect backdrop for Ski's blend of adults-only content and childlike ear for references. He wastes little time in finding a nice flow-scheme, whipping his bars into a frenzy as he raps "girl give me that point like the hood of a Klu-Klux-Klan / this money I'ma hand to a fan, been too hot my kitchen damn Donald Trump tan."

Check out the full snippet below, and sound off -- are you excited to hear a new album from Ski Mask The Slump God? And if so, do you think this snippet bodes well for the remainder of the project?