After dropping off a freestyle for the XXL Freshman Class, Ski Mask The Slump God has opened up about his role as a 2018 Freshman. It's always impressive hearing the animated and exuberant rapper speaking, as he carries himself like a true professional. 

Describing hometown Broward County as a "dangerous space," Ski's words take on an added layer of weight given recent tragic events. Still, his locale has undeniably influenced his own direction, as he explains "we like a lot of fast music, you can see it in me." He goes on to shed some light on some of his more unconventional inspirations, saying "I like a lot of grunge, and dirty beats, hard-hitting beats and stuff like that." 

Ski doubles down on his love for Busta Rhymes, praising the Flipmode legend's creativity and layered lyrics. "It's not only like he's spitting fast and has flow, it's like he's saying something that's meaningful, that hits you." He also reflects on the song that changed his career, being the Timbaland produced "Catch Me Outside," his first video to ever hit YouTube. "People never really seen what I looked like, or knew what I was about, so that was like the first taste of what they got. The energy is undeniable in that video." 

Peep the whole video below, and stay tuned for more clips from the XXL Freshman Class, coming soon.