For rappers who are still early in their careers, making the XXL Freshman list is taken as a badge of honor. Every year, rap fans speculate as to who will be granted one of the coveted spots in that year's class.

It's often the case that we'll more often hear about a rapper not making the list before it drops, usually because they turn down the cover, as was the case this year with Rich The Kid and Lil Skies, or they get upset about not being included, like how Lil Xan did. However, we now have our first indication as to who will be included this year, and it comes straight from the person in question.

Ski Mask The Slump God, the Florida rapper who just dropped a slick new project, was in the middle of a Fortnite stream on his Twitch channel when he accidentally let the news slip. While he's dropping onto the map, Ski makes an off-hand comment about, "when [he] was a XXL he kept saying he was Beyonce." Immediately after, one of the people he's playing with asks him if he made the Freshman list, to which Ski Mask affirms. 

Hopefully Ski didn't violate some kind of non-disclosure agreement with that comment, but him making the list is exciting news. At the very least, his freestyle is sure to be entertaining. There are only nine spots left to fill on the list, who are your top picks to make it this year? Let us know.