The feud between Ski Mask The Slump God and Vic Mensa is apparently over, according to the Stokeley rapperSki Mask recently told TMZ that he and Vic Mensa are now cool after speaking with each other and putting their differences aside.

"A lot of shit was going on in the backend with me and Vic Mensa. It could've got to more dangerous shit. We stopped it," Ski Mask said. "Our people talked and basically, we just deaded it from where it was going. Because it was going in a dangerous route. You know what I mean? There's enough black violence. There's enough gun violence. There's enough young people with money out here just wasting their careers on stupid shit like that. I guess we both just figured it would be smarter to just dead that shit."

However, just because the two of them are on good terms, doesn't mean a collaboration is in order. When asked if he would do a song with Vic, Ski Mask responded, "Peace is enough. I don't think I would collab with him."

Vic Mensa sparked controversy earlier this year when he dissed XXXTENTACION while the late rapper's mother was in the crowd. Ski Mask issued a warning to Mensa, saying that if Mensa apologizes, there won't be any issues. Mensa apologized to X's mother, but he has continued to stand by the statements he made during his freestyle.