Ski Mask The Slump God has been odds with his homie XXXTentacion over the past few months. It all started back in October after Slump God said he had to distance himself from X, saying he’s crazy and he had to get out of his shadow. "I'll always love that alien lookin' n***a named XXX. But I have to distance myself because it's like nobody would see me as an individual rapper if I don't. On top of that, that n***a crazy as hell," he said.

Slump God then doubled down and clarified that XXX had threatened his family, and that’s why he’s distanced himself. "This is a person who has before threaten[ed] my family, told me I was supposed to be sacrificed on some crazy shit. So no I didn't just separate myself for no reason,” Slump God said in a now-deleted post.

Since their public fall out though, X has tried to rekindle their friendship a couple weeks ago by reaching out to Slump God in an Instagram story, telling him he loves him no matter what. "Don't care about what you said about me, you know who got your back, love you, forever,” X wrote. 

Well it appears Slump God isn’t holding too much of a grudge against his friend as he’s now wanting X’s assistance on a couple songs. On Thursday, Ski Mask shared a message on his IG stories, asking XXXTentacion to get on one or two of his songs from his upcoming mixtape.

“Despite Everything I still want X On My New Tape Tell Him I Have Two Songs To Send Him,” Slump God’s message read.

Now whether or not X complies with this request remains to be seen, but if I had to guess I think it’s going to happen and these two will be friends soon again.

Check out Ski Mask’s post & message (below).