Ski Mask the Slump God just dropped a major bombshell regarding his forthcoming album Stokeley. A few weeks ago, he dropped the name of the project in the simplest of ways, a three-character Twitter post: “Stokeley” The Album, leaving little room for interpretation, as far as the title is concerned.


We can rule out iconic civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael as a point of inspiration, because he simply doesn't fit the profile. Which leaves us with Stokely, Wales, the home setting for the Dracula story, as the true source of Ski Mask's free-flowing narrative. And as of Today, we can confirm it as such. Now that Ski Mask has provided us additional context in the form of the album's potential cover art, we are many steps closer to knowing what the project will resemble when it goes to press.

See for yourself.

As the debate over his distractability wages on, Ski Mask keeps furthering his agenda, as a creative thinker against a backdrop of imposters. The artwork depicted in the post, rightly displays his interest in subject material that exists outside the hip-hop canon. He also managed a few words in the caption section of the post, asking his followers the rhetorical question they hope he will soon answer: "! I Wonder When It Drops !"