Blac Chyna has been in headlines for all the wrong reasons. Are these the right reasons though? Her impending foray into the rap-game was previously revealed back in Summer 17, when she was spotted in the studio with Joe Budden. To what capacity, we still don't know. An educated guess would be ghostwriting; could Blac Chyna really be the catalyst for bringing Joey out of retirement? Perhaps Budden's involvement was limited to being a creative consultant. His homie Young Berg has been producing for Chyna, so perhaps it's simply a there-by-association type deal. Either way, something is in a vault somewhere, and it involves Blac Chyna rapping "pop that pussy like a pistol."

Thematically, it wouldn't be surprised to see if Chyna's raps are laden with sexual braggadocio. She wouldn't be the first big-name personality to slide into the rap game. Doubtless, she won't be the last. It has recently been revealed that Ski Mask The Slump God had linked up with Blac Chyna to work on some music. While The Book Of Eli is taking a while to arrive, almost as if Denzel Washington himself was charged with transporting it across the country while simultaneously warding off goons. 

From the look of it, Ski Mask does seem poised for a comeback. The rapper teased the upcoming song "No Cap," which features Chyna in some capacity. Perhaps we'll finally get to see what she's capable on the mic. The jury remains out on that front.