Skinnyfromthe9 is slowly making his name known across the rap game. The rapper's built a strong buzz for himself over the past few months since releasing the PnB Rock-assisted single, "Jump Out That" and dropping project, It's A Evil World. The newfound recognition has found him rolling in the same circles as some of the biggest rappers in the game. Unfortunately, this seems to mean that he's also dealing with the same type of girls as other rappers including Trippie Redd's ex-girlfriend Ayleks which has seemed to cause a strain on Skinny's relationship with Youngboy Never Broke Again.

Skinnyfromnthe9 took to Instagram to claim that Youngboy Never Broke Again tried to press him over Ayleks as well as another woman named Mariah. He claims that Youngboy was denied after reaching out to both females while they were with him.

"Yo this n***a really mad because when I was talking to Mariah, this n***a hit her up, and she dubbed his shit. And then me and Mariah stopped talking, and I started talking to Ayleks and the same thing happened with her all over again," he said. "You soft as hell, my n***a. That's some hoe shit."

He added, "This man tried to press me over Ayleks, but ain't Trippie your mans though?"

Youngboy has yet to respond, but we'll keep you posted if he does. Peep the clip below.