New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 might not be the most popular name in the world yet but there's a chance you've heard of him because of all the crazy situations he gets himself caught up in. One year ago, the up-and-comer was arrested on kidnapping charges and almost every update we've posted since then has been about a fight or an arrest. Of course, there's also that time he got his chain snatched by YBN Almighty Jay... His hardships have been well-documented and today, he's in the news again after getting into a fight in the street.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

His main source of press, DJ Akademiks' Instagram page, reposted a video of the rapper getting into a violent altercation in the middle of the road, throwing haymakers and dodging punches. It's currently unclear what the fight was about but things were broken up by the police, who got one man laying face-down on the ground before pushing Skinny to the opposite side. 

Skinnyfromthe9 has proven himself to be a pretty controversial character in the rap game. Some say that any publicity is good publicity but at this point, he's got to consider slowing down his lifestyle. If he keeps getting into fights and legal trouble, his music career has a chance of never taking off.