New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 nearly lost his life after being shot last week. The 24-year-old was criticized for jumping straight on social media following the shooting with many suggesting that he pulled the trigger on himself for clout. Skinny is now speaking out against those people, voicing his opinion on the internet as a whole.

"You know I really hate the internet," said Skinny on Instagram Stories. "I really hate you mindless/ sheep following the crowd ass people/ can't have a mind of your own. I got shot I really almost lost my life idgaf if it was just a 'leg shot'. I coulda been paralyzed it coulda hit an artery I'm blessed by god. But that's besides the point."

The rapper goes on to speak about how the response to his shooting was filled with hate and people saying he was chasing clout.

"Someone made an attempt on my life not no fucking 'I shot myself for clout' my father and my mother both had to get that call 'you're son was shot' they were hysterical no parent should ever have to get that phone call."

Closing out his message, Skinny claims that one of the men that shot him got hit in retaliation. Thankfully, the rapper is alright and appears to be recovering.