Some rap beefs can go on longer than they need to, and that's honestly starting to feel like the case when it comes to Skinnyfromthe9 and YBN Almighty Jay. 

After years of rap wars, ranging from robberies to an assault in the form of a "beating," it appears these two may never see eye to eye. Skinnyfromthe9 made sure to prove that as fact recently after not only pulling out the "paperwork" on Almighty Jay but also challenging him to square up in a fight.

Skinnyfromthe9  YBN Almighty Jay beef fight
Image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images


A recent video reposted by DJ Akademiks (seen above) showed Skinnyfromthe9 pulling papers on Jay following some allegations brought up during a new episode of No Jumper. Almighty Jay, who was the featured guest, told Adam22 that he snitched on him to the cops amongst other jabs thrown. The situation that Skinny brings up in his video seems to stem from issues over money, showing a text exchange that apparently reveals some capping being done. 

The "paperwork" ended up being a reprinted TMZ article that apparently shows Almighty Jay cooperated with the cops. He ended the clip with one final threat, saying bluntly,"Shut the f*ck up, stop making excuses and box me!"

Many of the issues they have with one another seem to derive from old stuff that could easily be left in the past if they wanted to. We don't take it lightly that Jay was pretty much a suspect in a felony case of grand theft over one incident, and Skinnyfromthe9 got his jaw rocked in a hibachi restaurant while on a date because of the beef, but it ultimately just seems like they could end this by simply moving on. Of course, we're also willing to bet that all this beef is doing wonders for their creativity in the booth.

Peep the No Jumper interview that reignited the YBN Almighty Jay vs Skinnyfromthe9 beef below, and let us know down in the comments section which side your loyalty falls on: