Skip Bayless is one of the most polarizing people on television and for good reason. His hot takes can come across as disingenuous at times and he has always been known for being a bit of a flip-flopper. For instance, after a Game 5 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, Bayless said he was officially done with the Los Angeles Clippers and Kawhi Leonard. Now, the Clippers are down 2-1 to the Utah Jazz, and he has completely changed course on his view of the team.

In the clip from Undisputed below, Bayless makes the claim that the Los Angeles Clippers are going to win the next three games and defeat the Utah Jazz. He even went on to make the bold claim that the Clippers will get past the Phoenix Suns, which will put them into the NBA Finals.

"I'm here to tell my Clippers what happened Saturday night is meaningless if you don't rinse and repeat tonight," Bayless said. "And Kawhi Leonard will have to take it up one more level. He made 1-of-6 3-point shots on Saturday. That cannot happen again tonight." Needless to say, Bayless is cautiously optimistic although he appears to be very confident.

Fans immediately pointed out that this is a contradiction to what Bayless has said in the past, although we doubt he really cares. If the Clippers win, he'll look like a genius and if they lose, well, it will be yet another reason for him to get roasted.

Kawhi leonard

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images