When the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship last night, NBA fans around the world began to dread what Skip Bayless would say on Undisputed this morning. As everyone knows by now, he is a staunch LeBron James hater while his co-host Shannon Sharpe is a massive LeBron stan. With this in mind, everyone knew this upcoming episode of Undisputed would be a doozy, and for the most part, this turned out to be quite true.

As expected, Bayless didn't disappoint as he came out swinging, trying to make the case that the Lakers were gifted a title because they didn't have to play the Los Angeles Clippers. Sharpe made the point that the Clippers' failures aren't the Lakers' fault, but Bayless maintained that LeBron's fourth title will always have an asterisk next to it.

"On the inside of the Lakers rings should be a little inscription: *Avoided the Clippers*. You avoided the one team that would've knocked you off! You got to play the longest-odds team to make an NBA Finals, down 2 of its best players.," Bayless attempted to argue.

At this point, everyone knows what Bayless' agenda is when it comes to LeBron, so his comments weren't surprising in the least. If the Lakers beat the Clippers in the playoffs next season, maybe then will the Undisputed host finally change his tune.