It's been well-documented this season that the Dallas Cowboys are in a bit of a shambolic state. Under new head coach Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys have arguably had the worst defense in the league, and on Sunday, they didn't fare much better as they lost to the Washington Football Team by a score of 25-3. The team couldn't seem to get any offense going, which was made worse following a brutal hit on Andy Dalton which forced the Cowboys to put in their third-string quarterback.

Now, the Cowboys are sitting at a record of 2-5 and it's not looking good for the team moving forward, as they attempt to make the playoffs. One of the team's biggest fans, Skip Bayless, was feeling down in the dumps about the Cowboys, as he took to Undisputed with some harsh words for his team.

"Yesterday, for me, was simply the most humiliating and embarrassing football game featuring my Dallas Cowboys that I have ever had to sit through. Ever," Bayless said. "This was at Washington, this is the game you live and die for every year if you play for the Dallas Cowboys. [...] What I saw at Washington was a team that came out heartless and gutless."

This has all been compounded by the fact that the team lost Dak Prescott to a season-ending injury just a few weeks ago. Based on this series of events, it's not looking good for the Cowboys, who continue to be the most scrutinized team in America.