There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Skip Bayless having something extremely negative to say about LeBron James. Ever since LeBron entered the league back in 2003, he has had something negative to say, regardless of whatever he has accomplished. Bayless has the same energy towards other athletes, although he is particularly the harshest on LeBron.

Skip's apparent distaste for LeBron was on full display today as he spoke to Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed about how James has finished 17 seasons in a row with over 1,500 points. While this is a massive accomplishment worthy of admiration, Bayless noted that Jordan's worst points total in a season was only beaten by LeBron once. Of course, it's just yet another instance of Skip making MJ comparisons in bad faith.

"Let's provide context. Jordan's worst season of points scored was 2,313 in his rookie year. Only one time did LeBron eclipse that number, and that came in 2006 when he scored his career-high," Bayless said.

As is usually the case on Undisputed, Sharpe was pretty shocked by Bayless' clear distaste for any sort of accomplishment produced by the Lakers superstar. It can be said that at this point, LeBron could average 50 points per game, win the NBA title, and Skip still wouldn't be impressed.