It's been a rough season for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. This was especially true last night as the Cowboys shockingly got blown out by the Washington Football Team, 41-16. It was a horrific scoreline for a Cowboys team who had an opportunity to take first place in the NFC East. Now, Washington owns the number one spot in the division, and as it stands, the Cowboys will need to do a lot better if they want any chance of going to the playoffs. 

Perhaps their biggest struggle, aside from the defense, has been their run game. Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 32 yards last night and throughout the season, he has been grossly underperforming his contract. Undisputed host Skip Bayless has taken full notice of this, and this morning, he unleashed on Elliott, noting that he's "horrified" by what he's seeing.

Bayless' main argument centered around the fact that Elliott's production has been steadily on the decline every single season, which doesn't bode well considering he is one of the highest-paid backs in the league. The Undisputed host also claimed that Elliott's play has been a massive reason for the team's 3-8 record, especially since the running back can barely pick up a few inches when the team needs them the most.

Heading into the last quarter of the season, the Cowboys are going to need a boost and if Elliott doesn't pick up the slack, the Cowboys will be in for a second-straight season without a playoff appearance.

Ezekiel Elliott

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