When LeBron James entered the NBA back in 2003, it was well-established that he was going to be a superstar who could rival the likes of Michael Jordan when all was said and done. So far, LeBron has certainly lived up to the expectations even if only has three NBA titles. His NBA Finals record has made some pundits dislike him, especially Skip Bayless who has been raining on LeBron's parade ever since he stepped foot on an NBA court.

Almost every single day, you can expect Skip to say something about LeBron, and today, that is exactly what happened. Yesterday, it was reported that LeBron would be missing the team's match against the Houston Rockets as he was suffering from a lingering groin injury. Today on Undisputed, Bayless chimed in by claiming that LeBron isn't injured and that he's just load managing as a way to hide. Bayless also reminded the audience that LeBron once said he was against such a strategy.

"I don't believe LeBron's groin was hurting at all last night. You annihilate and ridicule Kawhi Leonard for load managing and that's what LeBron has done at least 3 times this year," Bayless said.

Considering the Lakers have guaranteed themselves the first seed in the Western Conference, LeBron's participating doesn't really make sense right now. However, if it's a narrative that Skip can use to keep LeBron down, then you better believe he will take full advantage.