Typically, losing a championship game can be a heartbreaking thing. Being on the cusp of glory is always fun but when you have that glory pulled out from under you, it's hard to recover. The San Francisco 49ers experienced this first hand in the Super Bowl last Sunday. They had a 10-point lead with just seven minutes to go but ultimately blew the lead as the Kansas City Chiefs stormed back to win the game. Despite the loss, it just so happens the 49ers were partying harder than ever after the game.

This information comes straight from Lil Wayne who performed at the 49ers Super Bowl party in Miami. Wayne broke this information to Skip Bayless who talked about it on Undisputed this morning.

“They truly believe they’ll be back next year. The confidence was scary," Bayless explained. Clearly, the 49ers are of the belief they can get back to their winning ways and dominate well beyond next season. Of course, getting back to a Super Bowl is never easy and the Niners will be in for a rude awakening if they think another title appearance is a foregone conclusion. 

Regardless, their confidence is inspiring and it will be interesting to see if they're able to make a return to the big game in 2021. If Lil Wayne was shocked by their enthusiasm, it's clear the 49ers mean business.