Skip Bayless can be one of the most polarizing individuals on sports talk television and for good reason. Whenever he picks a target or a favorite, he will continuously pick on them or praise them, and very rarely does he ever change course. For the last 15 years or so, his biggest target has been LeBron James although more recently, he has been giving Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, an extremely hard time. Simply put, Skip isn't buying into the hype, even though Dame is consistently putting up incredible performances.

Despite Lillard calling him out a couple of weeks ago, Skip is still going at it, particularly today during the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets game. In Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell put on a clinic for their respective teams and Skip had to tip his cap to them. However, he made sure to do so by also throwing a slight diss at Dame.

"Just watched one of the great down-the-stretch shootouts by Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray, clutch jumper vs clutch jumper. Have seen nothing like this kind of close by the Bubble MVP," Bayless wrote. While he didn't refer to him by name, everyone at this point knows that Lillard was the MVP of the bubble, so it's clear Skip is trying to be slick.

With the Blazers taking on the Lakers tomorrow, Dame will have his opportunity to get back at Skip, once and for all.