For the vast majority of his career, Skip Bayless was known as that guy on ESPN and FS1 with the truly bizarre sports opinions. Bayless is one of the most disagreeable men in sports media but as of late, he has taken on a whole new persona. Yes, that's right, Drip Bayless has manifested himself out of thin air and fans are loving it so far. During a recent episode of Undisputed, Bayless acknowledged his drippy ways, much to the delight of the internet.

If you've been following Bayless on Instagram, then you know he likes to show off his Jordans whenever he wears them on the show. This is usually followed by the caption: "I can’t lose in these shoes. MJ FOREVER." Today, Bayless took his drip to Twitter for the very first time. In this particular photo, he is flexing some Air Jordan 13s and even included #DripBayless in his caption.

Bayless' Tweet was met with phenomenal reception as his fans always get excited whenever he embraces the memes surrounding him. The man knows how to put together an outfit and when you add in the gold chain gifted to him by Lil Wayne, you get a pretty great photo.

We can't wait to see what Shannon Sharpe has to say about all of this.