TMZ caught up with Skrillex as he exited the gym on Friday, and you might be able to guess what subject they took up in the process. Skrillex, in a giving good post-workout, told the TMZ reporter what he thought of Jay-Z's decision to keep his R. Kelly duets up-and-running on streaming platforms. His rationale being: one momentary clause doesn't negate the other.

"You know, I don't think he needs to do so. It's hard. It's like, look: There's a word. It's called 'occhiolism.' It's the awareness of the smallness of your own perspective," Skrillex explained. "If Jay-Z wants to keep it's music because it's music he made a long time ago, it's part of the archives, it's part of history. That doesn't mean he's a bad person. That doesn't mean he supports bad people."

And to some extent, Skrillex isn't wrong in his approach. In fact, Jigga is free to do as he pleases, so long as it doesn't affect the well-being of others. However, R. Kelly's greatest detractors would much rather see Jay-Z divest completely from all things R. Kelly, with the goal of blocking revenue  - ultimately effecting Jigga's bottom line as well.

But in truth, without the dividends generated by R. Kelly streams, Jigga would still be a very very wealthy human. Skrillex contends, that even in the current social climate, The Person and The Artist can be compartmentalized. What do you think, comment below?