Skrillex, the man who once fronted emo band From First To Last, has integrated himself into hip-hop adjacency. Having collaborated with rappers like Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz and more, Skrillex has continued to look to the rap game for inspiration. Now, he's managed to secure a lineup of prominent names for his upcoming single, including Lil Pump, XXXTentacion, Swae Lee, and Maluma. 

The string of posthumous XXXTentacion features continues, leaving some pondering the ethics involved. Such quandaries are made all the more complicated given the ongoing status of his narrative; controversies involving Vic Mensa and a recently surfaced tape serve to cast a light on his legacy, with the intention of revealing inconsistencies in the framework. In any case, it can feel difficult to "let the young man rest in peace," when his voice keeps popping up on various radio singles. On a more encouraging note, the single looks to be a melodic, laid-back effort, the type of song over which he'd generally thrive;

Likewise for fellow contributors Swae Lee and Maluma, who will likely shine over the radio-friendly instrumental. It's intriguing to hear how Lil Pump fares; on one hand, his melodic stylings were a surprising highlight of Kanye West's "I Love It," though the idea he could convincingly peddle romance seems highly unlikely. Perhaps we should brace ourselves for, at the very least, an intimate ode to his bussdown. 

The single drops on Thursday. Check out the snippet below, via Skrillex's IG.