This morning, Slim Jxmmi seemingly made an allusion to quitting Rae Sremmurd while they were on tour. The since-deleted Tweet reads as follows: "I'm not Rae Sremmurd I’m slim jxmmi and ima sink or swim by myself." Jxmmi would eventually put out the flames by deleting his posts, but not before causing a stir within his own fanbase. Many of those fans resorted to posting "screenshots" of the original Twitter exchange in an effort to bring awareness to the situation, and the answers they coveted!

Thankfully, the dire situation would improve moments later, when Slim Jxmmi posted a "Rip slimJxm" in letter form, this time on Instagram. Next to the posting, Slim Jxmmi captioned this message: "2nd project Dropping 2k19." So in summary, Slim Jxmmi inadvertently puts fans in cardiac arrest only to resuscitate them with pillars of joy. With an impending PR crisis on their hands, Swae Lee was forced to write a statement meant to bolster Slim Jxmmi's damage control efforts.

It stands to reason that Jxmmi may have been saving his announcement for a rainy day, but in sensing the tumult he had inadvertently created by misleading his fans, the Rae Sremmurd rapper had little choice but to strike early. Both messages come to us on the heels of a Rae Sremmurd performance last night at FOMO Festival in Sydney, Australia.