Slim Jxmmi was directly involved in a violent confrontation taking place in Auckland's Central Business District several hours ago. Slim and his brother Swae Lee are visiting New Zealand in compliance with a concert booking at the Logan Campbell Centre on Friday night. A police report tells the story of two factions coming to blows after a glass bottle shattered to the ground.

One of the key witnesses who spoke with cops says Jxmmi and Swae Lee were walking in a straight line when someone called out to them from afar. Rae Sremmurd and their entourage responded to the shouting by quickening their pace, but the "main aggressor" covered the necessary to engage in further hostilities.

The same report paints Rae Sremmurd as showing a certain level of disrepute. Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee stand accused of filming and mocking a homeless person posted minding his business in the Central Business District. The "aggressor" who come to his homeless friend's defense, may or may not struck first when the conflict turned violent. The details concerning the fight itself are a little murky. At least one was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. It's not clear whether that individual is a member of Rae Sremmurd's entourage.