Slim Thug went on his Instagram last night to respond to the shocking news of Troy Ave's arrest and the accompanying surveillance footage that showed him opening fire in a backstage room at a T.I. concert in downtown NYC on Wednesday night (May 25). In a since-deleted video post, Thug seemed to censure Troy for his reckless behavior, telling him that a real-life club shooting in NYC won't play out as if it were a scene from "Belly," the 1998 Hype Williams-directed film that starred Nas and DMX

T.I.'s concert at Irving Plaza ended abruptly when multiple shots were fired in a backstage VIP room. One man was pronounced dead soon after the incident, and he was soon revealed to be an affiliate of Troy Ave's known as B$B Banga. It was known that Troy Ave was caught in the gunfire, as he had sustained an injury and was being treated at a Manhattan hospital, where he was arrested next day. Reports now say that his gunshot wounds were self-inflicted.

News of his arrest came with a surveillance video shared by the NYPD that showed Troy busting into the green room and opening fire. The 30-year-old Brooklyn rapper has been charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. He could face a murder charge pending the results of ballistics tests. 

Slim Thug began his response video by addressing the younger generation: "You new n*ggas ain't that smart, man. You new n*ggas be doin' a lot of dumb shit." "How you think you finna get away with shootin' a n*gga in the club, man," he asked rhetorically, "Like people ain't got cameras everywhere you go nowadays man." 

"Why is you shootin' at a club in New York, where you known, and people know who you are?" he continued. "You was makin' some money. I don't care if it was $1,000 a night -- whatever you perform. Get out the dumb shit, man! This not 'Belly'! You can't just walk in there and chop it up and get away man, it ain't real." 

Thug deleted his video post upon seeing it get covered by online media outlets. He has since shared a follow-up video post to make it clear that his original message wasn't meant as a diss to Troy Ave or anyone in his crew. "When I speak, I'm speakin on some positive shit," he said. "I just hate to see the young homie get locked up."