Smino just dropped his sophomore project NØIR and he's already over it. In fact, he was sick of it the moment it was completed. That's what he told Rolling Stone in an exclusive with the magazine. Call it what you want: perfectionism, erraticism, or lunacy, but Smino wants to move past the soundscape he was immersed in. Smino summed up his feelings rather succinctly in a couple sentences.

“There was a point when I got to the end of the project where I was like, ‘I hate that shit,'” he told Elias Leight of Rolling Stone. “Then people are like” — he adopts a comically high, overly proper voice — “‘Oh my God! Breathtaking! Wowzers!’ Oh, you like it?” 

His rambling thoughts explain the heightened expectations that were born of his spectacular debut record. Precocious artists like Smino, with impressive debuts to their name, project and let these expectations fester in their head. Rolling Stone asked him to comment on the direction he was taking with NØIR, to which Smino went straight to the point of undoing his previous work: "I just didn’t want to make the same album. The music sounds fun as hell. I ain’t gonna say what it is and what it ain’t. It’s raw as fuck," he candidly stated.

How did you feel about NØIR?

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