Smino stepped into the Power 106 offices ready to snap-on-command for the LA Leakers crew of Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. The LA Leakers' have a reputation to behold when it comes to freestyle invitationals. They're up there with Funkmaster Flex when it comes down to the quality of the invited guests, and their willingness to mark the spot with an A1 performance. Smino falls right in line with those expectations, his velvet hoop delivery registering as a favorite amongst hip-hop fundamentalists and eccentrics alike.

For the occasion, DJ Sourmilk loaded up on Missy Elliott's "One Minute Man" as Smino looked on without a concern in the World. Had he emitted any more enthusiasm, it would have landed him off-script, for Smino is at his best when his "speakeasy" flow skates close to mutually-assured sleepwalk. 

Smino may be "over" his last album, even though many among us have yet to give it the full-browse A-Z, let alone his sparkling debut in 2017. With Smino repping STL all the way up to the Midwest, and ChaseTheMoney behind the boards, all the same, the state of Missouri is poised for its 2nd rap renaissance since the commercial heyday of J-Kwon, Chingy, and the St. Lunatics. Don't sleep on a hungry-Smino when the mic gets drawn.