Even if you're fairly unfamiliar with Lil Pump and Smokepurpp, there's a good chance that you know the two are best friends. They have collaborated countless times, including on Pump's new album Harverd Dropout. Frankly, they go hand-in-hand. Neither Purpp or Pump cares about making the most serious music in the world. They rap about drugs, girls, cars, and fashion. They both grew up in Florida. They're nearly inseparable so you better believe that people are shocked after viewing Smokepurpp's Instagram story.

The Deadstar rapper called out his friend and frequent collaborator on social media today, tagging Pump in his story and unleashing a verbal tirade. "Boy, you better stop playing n***a," says Purpp. "I wrote and produced all your first songs n***a." The harsh message comes after Lil Pump filmed a video of his own, telling Purpp to "stop playing" with him because he "created SoundCloud." He claims that he was the first person to introduce Purpp to Ronny J, DJ Carnage and Travis Scott

Of course, Smokepurpp was not content with being called out so he did some clapping of his own. After asking for all of his royalties, he claimed that Pump's biggest single was actually intended for him. "'Gucci Gang' n***a, that was my song n***a. I gave you that song. I gave you your first big hit." 

Neither of the two has been on the same energy in the last few hours, updating their fans with other content. Do you think this beef is staged? They seem pretty passionate...