Lil Pump is growing up on us. The teenage rapper has finally hit the age where the government begins to treat you like an adult, 18. Now that Lil Pump is a man, maybe his lyrics will begin to reflect a new found maturity. Maybe not. Either way, the "Gucci Gang" rapper turned 18 yesterday (Aug. 17), and we're sure he'll be hit with a mountain of gifts. Cars, gadgets, and jewelry are sure to be on the list of expected presents Pump will be given for his birthday. To make sure at least one of those items finds its way to Pump, his close friend and collaborator Smokepurpp pulled up to bless his comrade with some new ice for his birthday. 

Smokepurpp blessed Purp with a Cuban link bracelet that fits in well with the rest of the rapper's jewelry. Although the bracelet may seem like a small gift, authentic Cuban link bracelets can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $100,000. "My motherfuckin' nigga turned 18," exclaims Smokepurpp in a video where he sits alongside his friend. He then puts the bracelet on a shirtless Pump. "Flawless, ain't no VVS around here, you hear me? No VVS, straight flawless," he brags. Pump and Smokepurpp came up in hip-hop together, as the latter produced Pump's first song.