While likely everybody in the game has this mindset, or should, publicizing it can sometimes be a risky move. Smokepurpp is one of the most talented artists to have come up in the last few years and he's only beginning to start his rise now. A possible 2018 XXL Freshman, Smokepurpp's confidence knows no bounds as he believes he is the best among a loaded roster of talent from his generation. Taking to his Instagram story, Purpp stated that "Whether they hate me or not, out of everybody coming up in this generation, everybody's cool and sh-t but I'm the best and I know it. I do the most, you feel me?"

The statement may be bold but with a collaborative project with Murda Beatz on the way and plenty of singles success to his name, Smokepurpp's confidence is warranted. While some may argue that somebody else is hotter at the moment, it's a safe assumption that everybody in the rap game feels that they are the best doing it - Purpp is just one of the few to publicly say so. His influence on a generation of "SoundCloud rappers" is among the most documented, having grown a close bond with Lil Pump over the years. 

Do you agree with Smokepurpp or has he not made a big enough impact to make such a statement? Watch the clip below and judge for yourself.