Smokepurpp's album sales for Florida Jit were so remarkably low that the rapper has been getting clowned for months without an end in sight by hip-hop enthusiasts who have been using the Florida rapper as a measuring stick for how poorly an album can commercially perform. The artist has issued comments about his sales in the past, but this has been a recurring theme for Smokepurpp, who decided to put the trash-talking to bed for good.

This week, Purpp took to Instagram Stories to reveal his true first-week numbers for Florida Jit, after being subjected to rude comments about him allegedly moving only 5,000 copies of the album in the first seven days. According to the rapper, and according to Google, his numbers were actually quadruple that amount.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"The real first week sales for Florida jit Btw," wrote Smokepurpp on social media, hitting out against months of unwarranted hate. "This is for all the hating f*ck n***as that was saying I sold 5k, I sold 20k and 5k PHYSICAL COPIES on Florida jit, y'all gotta stop Believing these bloggers that are biased and pick and choose who they wanna make look good."

Hopefully, this gets the information out, because Smokepurpp is tired of hearing all the jokes and seeing all the memes.

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