Smokepurpp's released a whole lot of music within the past year. Back in October, he released his debut commercial project, Deadstar and followed it with the release his joint project with Murda Beatz, Bless Yo Trap a few months later. He previously revealed that his next project, Deadstar 2 is on the way. However, there's a chance that he won't be using the name Smokepurpp on his next project.

Smokepurpp joined Peter Rosenberg on the season 2 debut of Complex's "Open Late." The rapper opened up about XXXTENTACION, his drug use and the "Fuck J. Cole" movement, among other things. He also revealed that he wants to switch his name up in the future.

"I'm actually gonna change it to just Purpp soon. I want to drop the Smoke out my name," he said. "People just call me Smokepurpp or Lil Purpp but there's too many lil's, so I kind of just want to be Purpp. At a point, I'm just gonna be Purpp."

A few weeks a go, Travis Barker shared a photo of himself with Smokepurpp. During "Open Late," Purpp revealed that he has a collaborative project with Travis Barker on the way.

"I'm actually working on an EP with Travis Barker right now," he said. "We're actually going to drop it under one name like a band."

Peep the Smokepurpp's appearance on Open Late below.