Smokepurpp has been called several things, but a role model? Who'd have thunk? The young Deadstar artist has been building notoriety since his arrival into the rap game, a key player and arguable pioneer in the SoundCloud rap movement. Be it through his antics with Lil Pump or simply his own mischevious nature, Purpp has developed a reputation as a rebel without a cause, not unlike James Dean circa 55'. And while he has often touted his flagrant drug abuse on wax, little did we know he was fighting an internal struggle. 

Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

Recently, Purrp decided to open up about his experience with addiction, revealing to his fanbase that he previously spent time in rehab. "Yes its true I did go to rehab last year," he begins, via Instagram. "If I was man enough to rap about drugs when I have people who look up to me, I need to be man enough and speak my truth, I want everybody to know you shouldn't be scared or embarrassed to ask for help if you need it, I hope to inspire younger people to get help if they feel it necessary."

You have to hand it to the young man. Respect to Smokepurpp for showing some vulnerability, and we can only hope his young fans can find inspiration in his message.